This past weekend I went and saw the new Pixar film "Up" in 3-D with Chad, Brynlee, and Brynlee's friend...so cool. Seeing the movie was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The first 10 minutes were so dang cute and touching. I could see people around me looking as if they might cry. I didn't really know anything about the movie going into it, except that everyone I had talked to said it was really good.

The storyline was absolutely insane, but somehow it worked. There were tons of hilarious, one-liner type moments and plenty of "ahh" moments as well. I think my favorite character was Russell, the cute little wilderness explorer, or as the dogs referred to him, "the little mailman".

I think the story worked because the characters each have their own unique personalities that makes them endearing. Russell is a funny little kid who is innocent and makes hilarious comments. Mr. Fredrickson tries to be a grumpy old man, but deep down he is tender-hearted, sentimental, and tough. Kevin the bird is just crazy, and Ellie is sweet.

The other great thing about "Up" is that is a movie enjoyable for all ages. There was a wide variety of people in the audience, everyone from little kids to husband and wives in their 60's. There was one moment in the movie that one of the character's said "bad dog"; right after that, a little boy yelled "bad dog". The whole audience busted up laughing. It was a cute moment.

Seeing the movie in 3-D was sorta cool, but totally not necessary. I think it would be just as good in regular view. Although, we did get some sweet 3-D glasses :-)

For a good time that'll put a smile on your face, go see "Up".

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megan said...

I LOVED this movie! I laughed, I cried, I went home happy. haha