The Spiral Jetty and more...Memorial Day '09

Saturday night Chad and I were talking to his roommate Dalin and the spiral jetty came up. I'd never heard of it but Chad has learned about it in all his modern art classes but never actually seen it. Talking about it further, Chad remarked that it would be a great memorial day activity. That was that.

Monday we had lunch and then left for our Spiral Jetty adventure. On our way there we stopped at the Golden Spike to take a few pictures before heading off on the dirt and gravel road. There were tons of huge potholes and major puddles on the road out to the Spiral Jetty. Luckily, Chad has a truck, so we had an awesome time roughing it through the the words of Brad Paisley, we "gotta a little mud on the tires". Driving to the Spiral Jetty was just as fun as seeing the Spiral Jetty.

After 9+ miles of road we made it! We walked the entire length of the man made rock spiral and took a bunch of pictures. It was absolutely beautiful. On our way home in a rainstorm, we discovered the ATK Rocket Display. We got out to take pictures and explore the rocket park. It was amazing seeing all the different parts that make up rockets, the parts weigh a ton and are we took a lot of fun pics. Later on in the evening, after we'd gotten back and relaxed for awhile, we drove up to walk around the Logan Cemetery while the sun set. There were so many flowers and neat graves. Chad loves the Logan Cemetery and I can see why. It had a peaceful, content feeling about it. It was amazing seeing all the graves and thinking of the lives people lived and who they were. To finish the day, we watched Valkerie with a group of friends. I couldn't have asked for a better Memorial Day.

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Mandi said...

I have never been there. Is that crazy considering that I have lived her for what 31 years. I LOVE the sepia picture of the train. Awsome pictures. Hey, we are going to be in Logan over the weekend of June 5th. Kev and Jamie are watching the kids that Fri. for our anniversary. Lets plan on getting together on that Sat. I feel like it has been forever since we saw you!