Summer of the Wii

So lately, I have been playing a lot of Wii Sports with Chad. We've been playing so much that yesterday we actually stopped because our arms were super sore! My shoulder hurt and Chad's tennis elbow got flared up...all from the Wii. It all started when Chad got new roommates; one of them, Ben, brought his friend's Wii with him when he moved in. Chad and I decided to play it one night and now we can't stop.

For awhile we just played bowling, but then we discovered the wonders of Wii golf. When we first started playing it we failed to recognize that the little dots that appear on the screen coincide with the dots on the left that show you how hard you're swinging. Once we figured that out, we started golfing a lot better. One night we decided to be crazy and put it on expert. Due to the increased level of difficulty we actually accquired caddies...that's how hardcore we are:-). Ben was my caddy and Dalin was Chad's. Eventually, somehow, Chad had no caddy and I had two...not sure how that happened.

A couple of days ago when we played with Cassie, we discovered something called your Wii fitness age. You do three tests: bowling, a home run derby, and tennis, which test your balance, stamina, and speed. On Chad's first try he got 45, which didn't do much for his whole "I'm old" complex. Yesterday I tried my hand at the fitness test and was a whopping 62! What an old woman!

We've been playing so much that we decided it was high time we made our own Miis. Chad created a weird alien/hockey mask man named Chunk. I, on the other hand, created a cute Mii version of myself named Rissy. Chad tried to make a Mii that looked like Desmond, his hero from "Lost", but he couldn't get him to look right. Guess he'll have to make Desmond on another day. Since we made our own Miis we of course had to do the fitness test. This time, I got 35!!! I don't remember what Chad got, I think it was 32 or something like that.

As evident by our aching muscles, it is officially the summer of the Wii!

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jjfid said...

I enjoyed this little writing of yours! I have never seen a Wii so it was cool to see some screen shots! Rest up those sore muscles! A