Meeting The Band Perry...

Yes, that's right, my sister and I met The Band Perry on Tuesday. We went to see them in concert at the Evergreen State Fair. The concert was AMAZING. So, so, so good. Elizabeth and I sang our hearts out. After over an hour of sweet music, Elizabeth waited in line for 2 hrs to meet them. I met up with her for the remaining 45 minutes or so.

Kimberly, Reid, and Neal are so generous and down to earth. Meeting fans for over 2 hours after a concert says a lot about who they are and what they value. You couldn't ask for nicer, more humble people. The best part of meeting them was seeing Elizabeth's eyes light up with joy and excitement. She couldn't stop smiling. It was a nice end to a pretty horrific summer.

I'm grateful for musicians who put their heart and soul into their music and the people who listen to it. I loved The Band Perry for their music before the concert, and now, I love them for who they are as people.

Brinkley: The Epilogue...

Brinkley did not die young. He is more alive than ever. The day we took Brinkley to put him down we were somber and bereft. We walked into the vet with tears in our eyes. The workers shared our tears. We sat in the room bracing ourselves for the worst outcome that had seemed to become our reality.

As a last shot at a miracle, my mom asked the veterinarian to run a final blood test to see if Brinkley's kidney levels have gone down. She came back with life changing news...his levels had gone down, not very much, but they had gone down. We left the vet with tears of joy. There was no guarantee he would continue to improve, but hope had once again become part of our vocabulary.

Now, over a month later, he is vibrant and healthy. He goes in for a blood test next week as a follow up. His last test his levels were one number away from normal. We're not even worried about this check. He's going to be fine. He has put on weight, plays and harasses Kootchi, eats his kibble at a rapid rate, and destroys anything he can get his teeth on.

One of the greatest things happened a few weeks ago...we took Brinkley camping, something we thought we would never get to do. And, he has gone swimming twice! A few days ago it was pretty hot so Elizabeth and I decided to buy Brinkley a kiddie pool to play in. He can't get enough of water and the pool was no different. He spun around and around attacking the water and trying to eat the characters printed on the hard plastic. He couldn't get enough of it. Kootchi and Russell didn't share his enthusiasm. No surprise there.

My family is blessed to have Brinkley in their lives. Having him still with us is indeed a miracle.

Wednesday Wisdom via Red Rag Top...

"Well you do what you do and you pay for your sins. And there's no such thing as what might have been. That's a wast of time. Drive you out of your mind..."

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596 Hawthorne...

Well, I officially have an apartment in Chicago...hoorah! I feel so relieved to be done with the whole finding housing via a remote location ordeal. I've been searching for apartments online for several months.

The studio apartment I've found is adorable! Vintage 3-story walk-up. Beautiful hardwood floors. Crown molding. Awesome paint color. Big closet. Charming old houses along my street. Lakeshore drive at the end of my block. Tiny kitchen but I'll survive.

I'll reside in the Lakeview neighborhood, only a 20-25 min train ride into the city. Trader Joe's = 9 minute drive. Target = 10 min. Costco = 10 min. TJ Maxx = 8 min. Oh, and did I mention I can walk to Wrigley Field?! Plus, there's a Starbucks kitty corner to my building.

596 Hawthorne here I come...lookout Chicago, IL! I'm coming to the Windy City.

Wednesday Wisdom...

"Nothing's ever going to happen here. You've gotta go where things happen."

- from A League of Their Own