Name Brand Cereal

As a college student, I try to save money whenever I can. Many times that includes buying the generic brand of EVERYTHING...canned corn, toilet bowl cleaner, toilet paper, orange juice etc. However, one item I absolutely HATE buying the generic brand of is cereal. I don't know what it is, but the generic brands never seem to taste as good to me as the name brand cereal. Who wants Coco Roos when the can have the authentic Coco Puffs? You can't go coo coo for Coco Roos. And why on earth would I want to eat Fruity Dyno Bites when I can have Fruity Pebbles?

The texture of the cheap cereals is chalkier and the fruity or chocolaty taste is just off. When I eat Coco Roos or any other generic attempt at creating Coco Puffs I do not experience any satisfaction. The milk still turns chocolate brown but doesn't taste like real chocolate milk. While neither Coco Puffs or Fruity Pebbles are the most nutritious of cereal choices, I want the real cereal in my body, not someone's attempt to imitate perfection.

So even though I can buy a huge bag of Fruity Dyno Bites for sometimes a fraction of the price of Fruity Pebble, I'd rather wait for a coupon or have a dirtier toilet than not by my delicious name brand cereal.

After all, no matter how poor you are, the necessities are not items you should scrimp on.


Mandi said...

There are a few things I NEED the name brand and cereal is definately one of them. Travis dosn't get it, so I'm glad someone does!

Leon said...

Do name brand cereals contain a natural laxative or something?

Alyssa said...

Mac n Cheese is the one that I HAVE to buy the Kraft kind or I feel like it tastes like poop. I'm glad I'm not crazy in having that one grocery item... :)