Things you may know & others you may not...

I think Tillamook Cheese is the best cheese around.

I hate road seriously makes me want to cry every time I see it.

I think the best present my future husband will be able to give me when we are parents is to let me sleep in.

I put mayonnaise in my scrambled's weird, I know...I blame my parents.

I miss Sarah Miller every single day!

I have a strange fascination with ducks. I love them! A few of my friends could tell you about my glee about ducks. It's kinda ridiculous.

If I could afford it, I would have Starbucks EVERY morning without fail.

I'm obsessed with wedding blogs, but that you probably already know.

Going to the movies is flipping expensive, but I love it.

Using green works products makes me feel like a better person. So does recycling.

I didn't have real friends until I came to college.

I don't think I've ever lived my life without a sense of time.

I've never been to Southern Utah (however, that will be changing in August).

I hated summer as a kid (don't worry, I grew out of that).

I wouldn't have gotten through the last six months without my friend Chad.

Coming to Utah State saved my life.

Daphne Du Maurier is my favorite author.

Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show.

My dad and I have a dream of going to New York to visit Cooperstown and see the David Letterman Show.

I love singer-songwriters.

I will never escape the fact that I am a country music girl at heart.

My girl friends and I quote She's the Man more than any other movie.

Coke is one of my guilty pleasures.

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jjfid said...

Love this little info piece! Nice job! xoxoo