responses that don't come...

you say stupid things because you're lonely
you want to open your heart to someone, to something
confused by the masquerades of life you lose sight in the twilight

you admit things you've wanted to say but never face to face
then you rush to erase a permanent face

complexity authors too many paradoxes
your blind in a maze of infinite extremes
life as you know it dissipates faster than pain

turning above should be the first thought but still you run
run from old dreams, from peoples' schemes
run from faces hidden in the seams
of a life woven in opposing patterns
unsure of the loom's master

you wait for a response when one isn't there
praying maybe one day reasons will be clear

you rush to explain yourself
making what you said further from plain

hope is still alive, if only to rock your heart to sleep

there is no one there to hold you or fix what isn't right
to cure you of no sleep at night

some aren't worth holding on to
night confuses you with lies

you cling to the idea of a better reality
an honest man to fix all the painted lines
lines that cross your heart and mark every wound

time is supposed to change things
make dead things feel alive
but sometimes time is time
unalterably deceptive and blind

a prisoner in your own house
the door is left open and you stay
because you know prison better than escape

satisfied memories play over in your mind
filling a void among your silent cries

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jjfid said...

Very heart felt Clarissa. It is always darkest before the dawn. Keep the faith! God never deserts His children. xoxo Love you xoxo Auntie