Clarissa Fidler Named HASS English Student of the Year

Look everyone...I'm kinda cool! I was selected as the English Department Student of the Year. I was completely surprised when I got the email and actually a little confused. I asked Susan Anderson, one of my writing center bosses and a lecturer in the English Department, what the email meant and she got all excited and started shouting, "Clarissa!! You're the department student of the year!! Star and I nominated you! CONGRATULATIONS". It was a fun moment. I feel very undeserving and like I am not cool enough to get the award, but I am very grateful. It is a wonderful honor and recognition for all of the hard work I have done throughout my college career.

Here is the write-up that appeared on the English website:


Clarissa Fidler is an outstanding student in every way. Over the past year, she represented the English department as student orientation staff-member for the A-Team, webmaster and newsletter writer for the Alumni Association, secretary for the Society of Technical Communicators (STC), and peer mentor for USU Connections. Clarissa is a tutor and supervisor in the USU Writing Center and is managing editor for the Helicon West Community Broadsides.

Clarissa will be listed in the HASS Awards Ceremony program as Student of the Year for English. Many students from other departments will be recognized as well. The ceremony will be held on Friday, April 9, at 2:00 in the Morgan Theater. Everyone in the College of HASS is invited to attend.

Visit this website to view the actual write-up:


krista said...

Yay clarissa! That is so awesome...this may sound dumb but I am so proud of you!

Jeff said...

Well-deserved. Way to represent the department.

Mandi said...

You are very cool. You go girl!

jjfid said...

What a Wonderful Honor! You are a Wonderful Woman Clarissa! Love you! xoxo Auntie