Alex...aka Monkey

My little cousin Alex is turning 2 this week. Isn't he just the cutest thing ever. His older brother Isaac and I are best buds. Every time I come over both of them yell, "Rissy!!" I feel more like an Aunt than a cousin. I didn't think I could ever love Alex as much as I love Isaac, but I totally do. Each of them have such fun, different personalities.

When I stayed with Mandi and Travis last weekend, I was watching Alex while Mandi was at the store and taught him a little something. He is way into animal sounds and Mandi always calls him her monkey boy. I taught Alex to scratch his armpits while he makes the monkey sound. He thought it was pretty cool. While I was upstairs getting ready for an interview I could hear Alex downstairs making incessant monkey sounds while he ate his McDonald's fries while getting bbq sauce all over himself. I couldn't stop laughing.

I can't wait for Alex's birthday party on Saturday! I love the Lloyds so much!


Mandi said...

We love you too Riss!

Mimaw said...

Hi Rissy, it was good to see you on Saturday. I'm so glad the boys have you as their #1 girlfriend.

krista said...

super cute!