Where the Wild Things Are...

A few weeks ago I accompanied my friend Kyle to a showing of the new movie, Where the Wild Things Are. Unlike many people,I was not among those who couldn't wait to see the film. I had heard about the movie, it sounded interesting, and it was a lazy Saturday, so I decided "What the heck, why not?".
The movie was truly, somewhat bizarre. With no real, true plot development, there were many times while I was watching that I wondered, "What's the point?" Anyone who knows anything about rhetoric knows that is not a good question for the audience to be asking. Max, the main character in the story, was portrayed as a troubled child with a broken home. His behavior, however, was so eradict it crossed beyond the distinction of wild. He is not merely a hell-raising kid who gets into trouble, but a child possessed by too many emotions that he is unable to control. In the scene before he runs off to the land "where the wild things are", he actually bites his mother before having a hysterical tantrum.

Then, suddenly, he runs away from home, jumps into a boat, and makes his way to a new land where he comes upon 4 giants, in the night, destroying their homes. From here we are introduced to the wild things and some of the social dynamics that exist within the group. These wild things are as troubled, if not more troubled, than Max. They have relationship issues, personal issues, and group issues. The wild things are dense, sometimes neurotic creatures with real emotions. While this is interesting, it takes the story behind light-hearted imagination to somewhere much darker.

Anyone going to see this movie with children will be in for a surprise. It is by no means a movie children will enjoy. Much of the story causes the viewer to sit back and think about what the heck is really going on. The story deals more with the personal, psychological, and emotional problems of all characters. No child would be entertained by such adult situations.

Don't pay good money to see this movie, even if you loved the book. If you are intrigued enough that you still have the desire to see it, redbox it for sure. $1 is better $5.50 or $7.50.


krista said...

Good to know! My friend wanted to see that and I thought it looked weird so I refused...Glad to know I was right to do so :)

Kevin and Jamie said...

I know! I wish I would have read your post before we saw it! I hated it, I thought the little boy was weird and I did not connect to his charecter at all. I did not like the monsters at all, they were weird! The whole story made no sense, and I spent the majority of the movie looking at my watch to see when it was over! Great post!