Talking about Relationships...

I hate sitting around in groups analyzing and talking about relationships. True, sometimes it is beneficial, insightful in some ways, but most of the time I think we just talk and talk about something of which we all generally have no real answers. Talking about relationships is beneficial, don't get me wrong---I'm all for it, but I prefer to do it on a one-on-one basis with a close friend. In a group, I just don't find the discussion effective or pleasing, at least for me. Maybe I just don't like to share too much with a group; I've always been more of a one-on-one/small group kind of a person as opposed to a party or crowd....quality over quantity.

I don't know if many people share my opinion, but it doesn't really matter; it's how I feel. I don't want to sit around and get everyone's viewpoint, opinion, and subsequent advice on what is, most of the time, an already messed up, confusing situation :-)

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krista said...

I agree with you completely! I must say though I really enjoyed our chat in the writing center yesterday.

You are so sweet! Seriously, consider the Salt Lake thing with me...:)