A Trip to the Taco Bus...

For months Amy, Chad, and I have been talking about going to the taco bus in Preston, ID. Well today, we went! On the way there we stopped at the Idaho/Utah border for some jumping photos.

The funny thing about it...the taco bus wasn't a taco bus after all. After a lovely drive from Logan to Preston-the hometown of legendary Napoleon Dynamite-we turned on to the street where the taco bus was supposed to be and we see a restaurant...no taco bus. I thought Chad was going to cry! It turns out the taco bus did so well, they got rid of the bus and turned it into a full fledged restaurant. Although we were sad it wasn't a bus, the food was pretty good. We took some photos to document the fact that we finally made it to the taco bus that wasn't a bus.

After dinner we drove around Preston, saw the high school that's in Napoleon Dynamite and a really creepy house. Listening and singing along to the music, on the drive back we did some exploring. We pulled off the road where there was a sign for a historical marker. It turned out that Chad had actually been down the road before when he was doing some photography, ironically enough. There was a sweet railroad bridge overlooking a creek that was pretty picturesque. We all love to be spontaneous so we stopped for an impromptu photoshoot. Who doesn't love having their picture taken?!

After we were done having fun being vain, we drove back to Logan and went to Charlie's for ice cream. It was another fun summer adventure with awesome friends!

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jjfid said...

I LOVE the Amazing pictures you took! The jumping ones are so cool and I LOVE the neat bridge ones! Nice job! Looks like A Lot of fun! xoxoxo Auntie