Losing Perspective

Today I definitely lost perspective about why I do the things I do, particularly A-Team. Yesterday marked the start of Connections week, a program we sponsor as an A-Team for new freshman that occurs a week before school starts. Connections is a chance for them to be in groups of 30 and participate in workshops and various activities.

This morning I had a bunch of things to do before my 2 Connections classes started. I had everything planned out and got up at my specified time so I could get ready and get all of my tasks done on time.

Well, it's 8:04 am and I am just getting out of the shower to get dressed and my phone rings. It's sweet Amy calling to see if I am coming to pre-meeting...uh Clarissa didn't KNOW there WAS a pre-meeting....shoot!

Panicking, I throw some gel in my hair and put my glasses on, foregoing make-up in lieu of time. I grab my bag, a gallon of milk, and my other larger bag that contained donuts, muffins, napkins, and cups for one of my Connections classes. I proceed to haul of my crap up the huge hill on 8th east, rushing to the Lily White building to drop off the breakfast.

At 8:30 I get to my classroom, drop off the food and freezing cold gallon of milk, and book it to the Kent Concert Hall---the site of our first connections pre-meeting. I get there and it's completely dark and locked...wrong location Clarissa! I frantically called Amy to find out where pre-meeting was, even though it's long since been over. Then I proceed to haul my butt all the way to the other side of campus to go to the SOAR office on the 3rd floor of the TSC to beg apologies from my boss and find out all the info I missed.

After that, I hurry over the alumni house to do a couple of necessary web updates. Then one of my co-workers ask to meet with me about a project I have been working onthe past couple weeks. Even though I don't really have time, I meet with her anyway. By now it's 9:15 and I was technically supposed to be at a service project for one of my Connections classes 15 min ago. I walk all the way home and decide that I can't face going to the service project.

I want to quite, walk away and sever my ties with A-Team, Connections etc. I call my mom for a pep talk but she doesn't answer, call dad...no answer, don't call Chris cause I know he's at work, call Sarah...no answer. For awhile I just sit next the to brook behind my house trying to cope with it all, ready to throw in the towel. Then Sarah calls me back and I am able to vent all my frustrations. I sure do love that girl! Then my dad calls and I talk to him for awhile.

Needless to say...it was one hell of a morning. I felt like a crazy person, uanble to cope with anything in life. After regaining my compsure I ended up going up to campus to spend the afternoon with one of my Connections classes. I did a workshop on High School vs. College and then we went over to Aggie Ice Cream. It was at Aggie Ice Cream that I finally was able to regain my perspective.

On the walk over, a couple girls in my class asked me a lot of questions about getting involved, their schedules, what classes to take etc. It was so nice to be able to answer their questions, calm their fears, and help them figure out what this whole college thing is about. I actually ended up helping one girl, Cassandra, get her schedule all figured out so she wasn't taking classes she didn't need to be taking. She had been really frustrated with the whole process and was extremely grateful for my help.

After class was over and I spent extra time helping Cassandra, I walked home. Reflecting back on the hours of my day, I realized that earlier in the morning I had just lost my perspective on why I love A-Team and why I do what I do. I do what I do to help make other students' college experience the best it can be, and hopefuly help them to not make the same mistakes I did or just be plain uniformed about everything the university has to offer.

I feel so blessed to be a student at USU. Coming to Utah State was the one of the best decisions I have ever made, and they don't just pay me to say that...it's true :-). We all have times when we lose perspective, I'm just grateful I was able to regain mine today because I was ready to call EVERYTHING quites! I think the stress of school starting and thinking about a lot of other things going on in my life just got too under my skin today.

Thank goodness there is always tomorrow...

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Kevin and Jamie said...

My only question is why didnt you call us? We could have gotten right in the car and picked you up so you would not have had to run around and up the hill:) If you ever know you have a crazy schedule again let us know and you can borrow one of the cars. I feel your pain though, I have had more days like that than I can count! We LOVE ya!!!