They're back...

All is back in order at Brooklane Apartments. Yesterday my friends that left for the summer returned!! Logan, is once again bustling with college students. The summer citizens have flown back to their nests. Vibrant youth has replaced humble age.

Sarah moved in yesterday and it feels like she never left. Josh is back, only this year he is living in #14. Cody and Matt stopped by and we all got caught up on life. Chad's still here too, only he's living in #4 instead of #5. It was just like old times with our boys next door, even if none of them are actually next door anymore.

Matt and Cody are living in Nottingham apartments just a few blocks south of Brooklane. Yesterday, talking to Josh, Cody said, "Nottingham is very naughty" in a lovely British accent. That kid is truly one of a kind. Matt asked if he could enlist my help to decorate his room, so we went to Wal-Mart and got curtains, a curtain rod, rug, and shower curtain.

After chillaxin in our apartment for awhile, we all ended up going out to dinner together at Firehouse. Then for A-Team, I headed up to the quad to help get the pre-back-to-school-bash party started. I danced it up on the quad with all the freshman until Em, Josh, and Maddie came up for a bit. Then we all headed back to my apartment to watch a movie and guess who was there....Jeff and Kyle! This year they are living in the Round House, just up the street from our apartment.

I don't know if I am really ready for school tomorrow, but I am so glad we're all back together again!

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