The Time Traveler's Wife

Early last week, Em and I went to see The Time Traveler's Wife. The film was enjoyable, moving, and intriguing. It tells the story of Henry, who at the age of six begins to time travel, a sort of disorder that he struggles with his entire life. In his traveling he meets a little girl named Claire when she is six years old. Over the years he returns to her as she grows up. Eventually, Henry and Claire get married. This part of the story takes up about a third of the film, while the other two thirds explores Henry and Claire's ups and downs as a married couple.

The music in the film provides a beautiful backdrop for the majestic scenes and at times, intense story line. It is difficult for me to wrap my brain around the concept of time travel and the idea that a person could be in two places at once at different life stages. I think that is what I find most intriguing about the story. The relationship between Claire and Henry is complicated, but full of love. Rachel McAdams does a fantastic job in her role as Claire and Eric Bana does an equally exceptional job as Henry. Their chemistry is convincing and real. Tender and painful moments share equal time on the screen.

The Time Traveler's Wife is my kind of movie- deep, romantic, and thought provoking.

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megan said...

So see it then?? I've heard really mixed reviews...