The Trashcan Sinatras

Wednesday night after the last SOAR day, those of us that are 21 years of age and over, who wanted to go, accompanied our bosses Aaron and Lisa and their friends to the Trashcan Sinatras concert at Club Vegas in SLC. My friend Kyle came with us too. What a night! We didn't end up getting home until past 2:00 am.

For dinner we went to Cafe Rio. We got to the club around 9:00 pm, just in time to see the last few songs of the first opening band. The first band was absolutely atrocious! Their music was so loud I could feel my heart reverberating in my chest and not in a good way. You couldn't hear the singer singing to his own music; in my opinion, that's just not right.

The second band that played was a vast improvement over the first. They had an easier sound and a couple pretty good songs. I also found the drummer strangely intriguing. He looked kinda like a mix between Elvis and George Clooney.
However, I really wasn't there for the other bands, so I was happy when the Trashcan Sinatras came out! They were totally awesome. I have tried to figure out how to describe their sound, but I am still at a loss. They are a band from Scotland that has been playing for over 20 years. My boss, Aaron , has listened to them for a long time. He made each of us a CD to listen to so that we would know some songs before we actually went to the concert. Some of my favorite songs are "All the Dark Horses", "The Best Man's Fall", "People", and "Weightlifting". They played some songs from their new album that I really enjoyed. You could definitely tell a difference between these seasoned performers and the amateur opening bands. They played for well over an hour. I love their sound and the lyrics in their songs are deep and meaningful.

Some highlights of the evening, besides the music, included riding there and back in a car full of boys, ordering three waters from the bar and watching some drunk cougar in a tight black jumpsuit repeatedly hit on Spencer Lee and Tyler.

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