A-Team Banquet

Thursday, August 6th was the A-Team closing banquet. We exchanged our blue polos and khakis for the more refined attire of dresses for the ladies and shirts and ties for the gentlemen. For the banquet, we convened at Logan's famous Blue Bird restaurant. We had our own banquet room, which was a good thing because as an A-Team we have only one real volume...LOUD. It felt weird to be in such a formal setting with everyone; a little out of our element I think. We are like one big family who are never shy around each other. So much of our summer is spent together, we gravitate to that state naturally.

The banquet was complete with a poem, video of pictures from the year, and awards. After the formal proceedings and dinner, it was a huge picture fest (see below).

I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of the A-Team. Everyone is truly amazing and has touched my life. The unique bond we share is so valuable. I feel so much more connected to the university and my peers because of A-Team. Being a part of the A-Team is one of those things that college life is all about. I have so many memories that I will look back on for years to come.

Because as the say, "Once an A-Teamer, ALWAYS an A-Teamer..."

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megan said...

oh man... I'm SO sad I missed it!!! :(