A Much Needed Update...

So since summer hit I have been neglecting my blog...weird since I have more time in the summer than I do doing the school year. I am living in Logan for the summer working three different jobs for the university: 1) A-Team 2) Writing Center 3) Alumni Association.

The A-Team is the new student orientation staff for Utah State University. Throughout the summer we have what we call SOAR days. SOAR stands for Student Orientation Advising Registration. Students have the opportunity to come to campus, participate in workshops, small group discussions about USU Policies, Procedures, & Resources, meet with their academic advisor, and get help registering for classes. Being a part of the A-Team is a totally awesome experience. My fellow A-Teamers are some of the neatest, exceptional indviduals I have ever met. We have a ton of fun together; we're like our own little family.

Click here to check out the A-Team & find out more info about SOAR.

When I am not busy SOARing, I work at the Writing Center Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 am - 2:30 pm. I have worked there for the past year as a peer tutor. Students come in for 30 minute appointments to get help with various types of writing assignments. I am also a supervisor now, which means I run the front desk. I will continue doing this job during the school year.

Last but not least, is the Alumni Association. I can't begin to express how grateful and blessed I feel to have this job. It has given me amazing work experience in my field! I have been writing, designing, and publishing the monthly e-newsletter, Aggie Insights for the past year. This summer, I have had the opportunity to do a lot of work with the alumni website. My boss, Kim, the marketing director, has been gone on maternity leave until recently so I took over that part of her job while she was gone. She told me last week that everyone in the office was really impressed with my work and that she'd like me to permanently take over doing the web updates! That felt soo good to hear! I am so excited to keep working with the website. The work is really fun and rewarding, plus I get to see physical results. I have learned so much from this job. I came into it hardly knowing anything about Dreamweaver or Photoshop, but now I know so much more.

I haven't been JUST working this summer...I've been having fun too! For now, this will do for an update. The "fun" update will be coming soon.


jjfid said...

So Happy to See an Update Rissy!
You are Awesome in so many ways!!
Love you! xoxo A

Jeff said...

Sounds like my summer. I didn't even know you had a blog, but I saw your name on Alex Nabaum's. I'm glad I'm not the only writer around here desperate for more outlets.