Tie-Dye & 80's Fun

Monday morning I woke up to 8+ inches of snow...crazy Logan weather! By 7pm it was still snowing and the roads didn't look too good. I went over to get Chad and we decided that it'd be better if he drove...a Honda Accord can't put up much of a fight to a Toyota 4-wheel drive truck :-). We went to Center Street Grill for a delicious dinner, a turkey foccacia sandwich for me, a BBQ bacon ranch burger for him.

After dinner, we braved the snow banks to get back in the truck and head back to my apartment. It was time for the real fun to begin. We tie-dyed t-shirts! It was pretty fun trying to figure out what we were supposed to do. After we had completed our tie-dye masterpieces, we listened to some music and then put in The Karate Kid. Chad loves everything about the 80's, according to him, it is the best decade in the entire world! I had never seen The Karate Kid so I thought that would be a fitting movie choice. Half way through the fabulous 80's mega hit, we had brownies, ice cream, and homemade hot fudge for dessert. It was a great night!


Kendall Laws said...

Brownies and Ice Cream huh? I bet you made legite brownies this time huh? No of those 'special' brownies or not.

jjfid said...
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jjfid said...

What a fun date Rissy! Those shirts looks so fun! We will have to tie dye sometime! I LOVE the pictures! Love you! xoxoxo Auntie