Bride Wars

Last Friday I had some girl time with my buddy Ally. We talked, got all caught up on life, went to the store and got junk food, and then went to see Bride Wars at the $3.00 theater. I absolutely loved the movie! Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson did a great job. When it comes to characterization, I was definitely more like Emma (Anne Hathaway's character). It was totally girlie and I enjoyed every mintue of it. It seems that as females we are wired to dream of our wedding from the time we are little. I'm pretty sure I got my first bride magazine at age 12. I don't know if it's the idea of meeting prince charming or being a princess for a day in a beautiful dress that makes us fantasize so much about one day. This definitely wasn't a chick flick guys would enjoy. Bride Wars is for girls in every sense of the word.

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