Maybe I still want to be a teacher...

Ok, so I understand that most college students go through several majors before they settle on the one that is right for them. For me, I have gone through two.

I started as an exercise science major, had an early mid-life crisis, took a semester off, and then switched schools and majors. Mine was a drastic change to English- technical writing. Two completely different subject matters. I still find exercise science is fascinating, it's just not the major for me. Science is not my forte or my calling in life. I was in that major for all the wrong reasons and all the wrong objectives.

Now I find myself with one year left in obtaining my first bachelor's degree in English- tech writing. While this major has been a refreshing change and is definitely geared toward my strengths, last night I had an interesting thought...maybe I still want to be a high school English teacher.

At the Writing Center last night I tutored students from Sky View High School. I absolutely LOVED helping them. They were a refreshing change from some of the college students I had tutored earlier in the week, who barely spoke and promptly informed me that they were only there for credit.

I realized last night that I thrive on making an impact on people who are younger than me, and who are in a place I have already been. As a teacher I could really make the difference I forgot that I crave. These kids last night were so sharp. I know I would get frustrated trying to fight the flaws of the educational system, but part of me doesn't know if tech writing really is what I want to do.

Maybe I still want to be a teacher...

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jjfid said...

I will never forget that dream I had of you... you were a teacher and were so happy! You never know! :-) Love you Rissy! xoxoxo Auntie