A-Team Retreat

This weekend I had my first A-Team retreat up at the Bear Lake Training Center. We left Friday afternoon and came home Saturday afternoon. It was a quick trip but super fun. Once the caravan of motor pool mini-vans arrived at Bear Lake, we unloaded our stuff and broke out the snack food. There are 36 of us in all, including the coordinators and our two bosses. Friday afternoon we played games to get to know each other and learn the classes for the breadth requirements. Then it was time for a delicious dinner of grilled cheese and tomato bisque soup. But before dinner commenced, Jo, Spencer, and Tyler favored us with a totally awesome rap… “Jo Olsen, Tyler Tolson…A-Team…puffy jackets…dinner time…A-Team…”

After dinner, we spent the next three hours doing “Who am I” presentations. Everyone was allotted two minutes to do whatever they wanted to help us get to know them better. Lots of people did power points, some did movies, and others did live performances. I chose to dress up like a 1950’s housewife and say some unique things about me, and then I said the best part about me was that I make better than mmhhmm/better than sex cookies. Then I passed around cute napkins and my famous triple chip cookies. After we had learned more than our fair share about everyone, we had fruit pizza for dessert. Next game the dance party followed by two+ hours of Werewolf. The first round I was a werewolf and we won the game…a first for me. By the time we finished the second round it was almost 3:00 am so I decided to call it a night.

Saturday morning we woke up at 8:00am, had breakfast, and spent the remainder of the morning going over more training material. It started to snow really bad around noon and I started to get worried that we might get snowed in! Luckily, we cleaned up fast and the canyon wasn’t bad at all. Our second retreat is in May.


jjfid said...

Sounds Fun Rissy! <3 <3 <3
Your cookies sound great right now! Wanna bring me a couple! ha!
love you! xoxoxo auntie

The A-Team said...

Umm love love love the post (almost as much as I loved the event!).

Your Who Am I was awesome, by the way; those cookies were divine.

I'm looking forward to May!