Valentine's Day '09

So this Valentine's Day, I had a date! My friend Kyle asked me out and we doubled with his roommate/best friend Jeff and my roommate Amy. We had a great night! They picked us up in a snow storm and drove us around the block to their apartment for dinner. We had delicious, homemade chicken cordon bleu and salad, complete with a tablecloth. After dinner we headed to the Fun Park to bowl two games. Kyle and I both did bad the first game, while Amy and Jeff tied for 1st. The second game I broke 100 and beat everyone, including Kyle. I teased Kyle that I was going to be beat him and he said he wasn't so sure, but I showed him. After bowling we went to Cold Stone for ice cream and then back to the guys' apartment to watch "Horton Hears a Who". I hadn't seen the movie and it was super cute. Also, lovesacs are just about the most comfortable thing in the entire world! Valentine's Day '09 was awesome!

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