Australia Day!

For those of you who don't know, and I'm sure that's most of you, January 26th is national Australia Day; why I don't really know. Needless to say, Sarah is turning 21 this week and one of her biggest dreams is to travel someday to Australia (she'd like to marry a hunky Australian outback man, but that's more of a fantasy than a dream).Amy was looking through her calendar last week and discovered Australia Day, so we decided to throw Sarah an Australia Day party for her birthday. Amy and I woke up early Monday morning to decorate the apartment with pictures of iconic images of Australia: boomerang, nemo, Australian currency, kangaroo, koala bear etc., as well as a big sign that read: "Happy Australia Day Sarah!". At 7:30 am Amy, Cassie, and I woke up Sarah and told her we had to show her something. Surprise...Happy Australia Day! To celebrate we all sat down to scrambled eggs with bacon, toast, and orange juice for breakfast. Australia Day would not have been complete without going to see the new epic movie, Australia, starring Nicole Kidman and the hunkilicious Hugh Jackman. So after we went to FHE, we skipped out early to go and see the 3 hour film. Sarah couldn't have been more delighted!

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krista said...

Australia day sounds so fun!