At the end of last semester I interviewed to be a part of the A-Team at Utah State, and I made it! My roommate Amy is currently one of the student coordinators and she urged me to apply. The A-Team is in charge of carrying out all of the details of new student orientation during the summer months. We sponsor and administrate SOAR Days- Student Orientation Advising and Registration, where new incoming students come to learn more about the university, register for classes, get to know people, pay fees etc. Click here to check me out on the SOAR website!


jjfid said...

Very Cool Rissy! Congratulations!! Love you picture too! You are so cute! Love you! xoxox Auntie

Kevin and Jamie said...

Thats cool! You will be great, and we are glad you will be here this summer. Except we never see you anymore!!!!!!!!!!!