First Girls Night

From the Left: Amy, Stephie, Tammy, Clarissa, Sarah, & Cassie

So for our first girls night of the semester, Tammy (one of my roommates from last year who graduated and is now in grad school at the University of Utah) came up from SLC to join me, Amy, Sarah, Cassie (Sarah's friend), and Stephie (Tammy's sister). We went to Firehouse for pizza. We ordered the Cordeon Bleu & the Cowboy. The Cowboy is my favorite: barbeque sauce, cheese, chicken, bacon, tomatoes, and yummy! Firehouse is a local favorite. They also have these really yummy things called P'Zookies: cookie dough baked in a dish with vanilla ice cream, caramel, and fudge. Sometimes we go there just to get those. After we'd stuffed ourselves full of deliciousness, we went back to our apartment and watched What Happens in Vegas. It was a cute movie, definitely not my favorite but it was good laugh. All in all, it was a fun night!


Kevin and Jamie said...

Very fun girls night!!! What a fun time of life you are at!

Mom said...

sounds like you had fun Riss...glad to know school isn't all work and no play!