First Day as a Writing Center Tutor

Ok,today is my first day as a Writing Center Tutor. I just had my first consulation. Overall, I think it went fairly well. Luckily it was a mechanical engineering major who just need to go over an internship paper. A good one for my first time! Ahh! His paper was 19 pages and he mostly needed help making sure his organization and explanation of his processes was correct. We went over time but were given the ok to do so. I think I helped him see some places where he needed clarification. He thanked me and said it was helpful so yippee!!! One down...many to go:-)

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jjfid said...

I am so proud of you Rissy! A writing center Tutor is not for sissies! Way to go! Your clients will be lucky to have your input and help! I went to the writing center at BYU once and it really was a big help! Papa and I are praying for your success each day! Love you Clarissa!
xoxoxoxo Auntie