No Longer a Derby Virgin...

Ok so I know my title is a little scandalous but it's a demolition derby here, this is not a high class affair we're talking about. Saturday night I experienced my first demolition derby at the Logan Cache Valley Fairgrounds. I am no longer a derby virgin!

What a sight to behold! Exhaust tickled every nose hair, dirt splattered onlooking fans, and battered trucks reversed, smashing each other at every turn. A pathetic truck attempted to shadow the Disney movie Cars' character, "Tow-Mater". He mighta looked cool but he couldn't swing it in the ring.

After each heat, over five different tow truck companies would come out and take 20 minutes to clean up all the dilapitated vehicles. Lots of drivers would try to start up their cars again, attempting to maintain their pride. Most of the time they were unsuccessful...I mean, when your axel is bent and the entire rear of your truck bed is folded in, there's not much hope.

All in all, there were five heats, 3 truck and 2 car. The third heat was the best. Trucks were flipped, flames ignited, and only 2 cars were left standing. One truck, the Bald Night, sputtered to what looked to be its death, but after several minutes, the engine roared to life once more. Truck 396 terrorized the ring, crushing the sides of its competitors.

I went with Amy and two of her friends from the A-team Jeannette and Kevin.

Although we did not sport mullets, gold teeth, or dates that were our cousins, we had a pretty good time:-).


jjfid said...

I guess I posted my derby comments in the wrong slot! ha! Oh Well! it is here somewhere!
I LOVE these cute pictures of you and your friends! You are Beautiful Rissy!
Love you!
xoxoxo Auntie

Kevin said...

looks like a ton of fun! I wish we would have gone to the derby last weekend! We just stayed home and watched disney movies!
P.S. When are you going to come and visit us!

Mandi Lloyd said...

Makes me so sad. We didn't make it to one Logan derby this year.