I love Scotty McCreery...

*Warning*: The following post is incredibly cheesy and ridiculous. You have been warned. Proceed if you so desire.

Being home with my family the past month I was able to watch American Idol. When I was back in Utah I could never talk to my family if I called on Wednesday nights because "Idol" was on. Heaven forbid I might interrupt Idol! What's more important, me or American Idol? Well, they got me hooked. I became a hardcore and faithful fan.

Scotty McCreery is adorable! And, I love, love, love his voice!! Watching his homecoming footage made me tear up. He seems so humble and kind. An all around good kid. He and Lauren Alaina give me hope that today's youth are not completely lost. Watching Scotty and Lauren perform, seeing their sweet innocence, warmed my heart. The fact that they were the two finalists gave me hope in America...that maybe the American Dream isn't entirely lost. Maybe the American people recognize goodness when they see it. That being good is rewarding and worth it.

I hope Hollywood and fame do not corrupt these sweet teenagers. They're so young and talented. After their adorable kiss and Scotty's playful declaration of "I love you baby!" in the finale, I admit I fantasized about the two of them dating and getting married. How cute would that be? An American Idol couple! See, I told ya this was going to be cheesy.

If it all works out the way I plan, they will be the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill of this generation. Here's to hoping! :-)

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jjfid said...

Great Post! I never saw this year's Idol! Wish I would have! xoxo