The Help...

Everyone at my work had read "The Help" and talked about how great it was, so when I found a hardcover copy at the Christian Center in Park City for a dollar I had to buy it. For the first one hundred pages I wondered why it had gotten such rave reviews. It wasn't bad, but the prose wasn't grabbing me the way I had anticipated. The different narratives blurred together and I put the book down for a few weeks.

After I moved back in with the parentals a month ago, I decided I wanted to finish the book, especially with the movie debuting this summer. By about page 200 I was hooked. Skeeter Phelan came alive for me. Minny cracked me up. Aibileen warmed my heart. Celia's outfits made me cringe. I finally began to experience the joy and excitement my friends had been telling me about. I was right there in Mississippi. Breathing in the characters' fears, anticipations, and triumphs. The remaining 200+ pages were an enjoyable breeze.

It's hard to believe this is the author's first book. I hope she refuses to be a one-hit-wonder and writes more novels.

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Emily Davis said...

I loved that book, I am always drawn to books that explore an aspect of society that the rest of us might look over. Not being from the South, and from a very middle-class family, I never think about what life would have been like for the housekeepers during the times before the Civil Rights Union. I agree, I want more from her!