Potential Grad School #1...

Well, one of the many potential paths I've been considering has been officially opened. Yesterday, I received a call from Gonzaga University informing me that I have accepted into the Communication and Leadership Studies master's program. Yeah! One more piece of the puzzle, although there are still a ton of pieces to workout. And, I don't even know if I want this puzzle piece yet.

I should hear from DePaul next week. I can hardly stand waiting. Patience is a difficult virtue. Last night I sat down and wrote a pros/cons list for each school. It didn't help much. Each school is appealing for opposing reasons. If I had it my way and money was of no concern, I would pack up my stuff and move to Chicago. But, I don't know if that's going to be an option. Or if that's the right choice.

When I read the course descriptions for DePaul I get excited! My heart beats faster and I begin to think maybe I really can become the writer I want to be. Then I think about Gonzaga and being closer to my family. Getting to see my little sister and brother on the weekends. Being able to see my mom and hang out with my dad. Meeting Brinkley---the new puppy who won't be a puppy by the time I get to see him in person. Living in a city a lot like Logan, just more cosmopolitan. Being closer to Utah and Sarah than if I move to Chicago.

If DePaul's program were at Gonzaga, Gonzaga would be a lot more appealing. However, life forces us to make decisions. Most of the time we can't have it all. I should hear from DePaul by next week. That will give me one more piece of the puzzle. But who knows, I could still end up throwing out the puzzle and starting over again. Right now all I have is time.

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Mimaw said...

AH, you are so brave to even consider moving to Chicago. Wow, good luck with the decisions. I wonder if there is really a right and wrong. I think you will be terrific at either place.