A few things I'm loving right now...

I've read Time magazine's special issue on pain cover to cover. My mom's fibromyalgia makes this a personal topic. In the main article the author presents the idea that pain can become a disease. That nerves can stop functioning correctly and not repair themselves. Pain is real. Click here to read the article. It's fascinating.

I can't even remember how I heard about "Mumford & Sons", but I created a Pandora station and have been hooked ever since. This week I decided it was finally time for me to hunker down and by the album. It only cost me $5 at Target because I had a $5 gift card. Oh yeah!

I saw the preview The Romantics awhile back when I was watching another DVD. The trailer peaked my interest but then I forgot about it...until now. I watched it the other night and really liked it. While the storyline is far from revolutionary, the character development is what captured my attention. The whole story takes place over a weekend--literally one night and a day--when a group of college friends reunite for the wedding of two members of the group. In a way it's a modern adaptation of The Philadelphia Story, another personal favorite. It's a book too so now I'll have to read it and compare.

Izze is by far my most favorite drink. I'm not just loving it right now; I'm loving it ALWAYS. However, Clementine is my favorite flavor for the time being. Thank you Costco for finally getting the 12 variety pack back in stock!

My Bath & Body Works scentportable makes me happy every time I get into my car. I don't have this particular one, but it's still super cute. Mine is a pink, bejeweled peace sign. It's currently filling my car with the aroma of pineapple orchid. Yum!

This nail polish may be expensive, but it's SO worth it! I just bought a springy aqua blue color. It reminds me of an outfit I had as a little girl. Having my nails painted just makes me happier. I feel my nail color reflects my true, inner self ;-).

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emilymcb said...

oo i haven't even heard of that movie, but i want to see it. the premise of it kinda sorta reminds me of this one that's coming out soon (although i think the romantics looks better):