Words from Taylor...

Taylor Swift can't help it--she knows how to write a good song. She captures classic feelings and emotions with simple words combined in perfect ways. With every album she produces, she gets better. Her most recent album--"Speak Now"--is fantastic. I listen to it on repeat in my car the same as I did when "Fearless" came out a few years ago. I've compiled some lines and excerpts from some of Taylor's songs that speak to me.

Thank you Taylor for writing things I've felt and wanted to say.

Wasn't it beautiful when you believed in everything

Life makes love look hard

People throw rocks at things that shine

I don't know how to be something you miss

May these memories break our fall

I took your matches before fire could catch me

You paint me a blue sky
and go back and turn it to rain
And I lived in your chess game,
but you changed the rules every day

I just realized everything I had is someday gonna be gone

I'm just a girl trying to find a place in this world

I was a dreamer before you went and let me down

You have a way of coming easily to me
And when you take, you take the very best of me

And you do what you want 'cause I'm not what you wanted

Every smile you fake is so condescending
Counted all the scars you made

I think he can see through everything but my heart

Lost your balance on a tight rope

Its never too late to get it back

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Mimaw said...

I've been listening to Christmas music since Halloween!!! I haven't heard any of her new stuff. Sounds like she has a fan in you!!

See ya Thursday - YUMMY FOR OUR TUMMY