It's Turkey Day...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

If you can believe it my parents in Seattle are having a "White Thanksgiving"'s hoping they will have a "White Christmas" too. The "blizzard warning" that halted SLC on Tuesday and then did not materialize (I didn't complain...I got to leave work at 1 pm and still got paid for the whole day) hit the Seattle area hard. On Monday it took my dad 4 hrs to get home from work! On Tuesday it took him a little over 2 hrs. Craziness! We only have a few inches here in SLC, but Logan got hit pretty bad as well, which is to be expected. Good old Logan. So dang cold!

My mom called me this morning to say hi and that she was missing me. I love my mom! My little brother and Dad spent 4 hrs delivering newspapers this morning. All of the "Black Friday" shoppers better appreciate their Thanksgiving newspaper! If I was at home with the fam I would be watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but instead I am here at my apartment with no TV. Ah the single life; you've got to love it! I am also missing the legendary "Fidler Turkey Dance". My first year at college away from home my family sent me a video of it. Good Times.

I just finished making real cranberry sauce for the first time ever---the single girl's assignment. Let's hope it cools and turns out ok. My family never makes real cranberries. They eat the jellied stuff, which until a few years ago I detested. I actually am excited to have real cranberry sauce. I hope it's yummy!

I've got to go jump in the shower, but in honor of Thanksgiving here are a few things I am thankful for:

My Family
Utah State University
My USU Alumni Association Co-Workers
Good Friends--Just to name a few: Sarah, Josh, Chad, Emilee, Amy, Keely
Hot Chocolate
Fall Leaves
My Savior, Jesus Christ
The Book of Mormon
My Kitchen Aid Mixer
Good Books--Just to name a few: Rebecca, I Capture the Castle, Marley & Me
Magazines--Just to name a few: Country Living, In Style, Time, Real Simple
My Car (I don't know how I lived so long without one)
Grey's Anatomy
TJ Maxx
My Cell Phone

Here is some evidence of my cranberry sauce making adventure!


jjfid said...

I LOVE your Turkey Day Post Rissy! It made me feel good to read it. The picture of the woman and the turkey is a riot! It looks just like a picture you would love. It's got that Doris Day oldies feel! Where do you find such great pics! I am very thankful that you are my first born niece in the wilderness! :-) Love you Forever Clarissa xoxo Auntie

Mimaw said...

Your cranberries were de=lish. It was fun to have you for Turkey Day and the movie. It was a great day in my book. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Emily said...

I'm glad that you're thankful for Target. Haha.