Part 2: Aggie Homecoming Weekend 2010...

Homecoming weekend was fantastic. Driving north on I-15 I realized I hadn't been back to Logan since I moved to SLC back in August. Sardine Canyon was a kaleidoscope of fall colors. Trees transitioned from full to barren as my car sped around the winding canyon corners. I called my good friend Josh as I endured the remaining 9 miles into downtown Logan--what I like to call the stretch of death. I stopped at his apartment to catch up before I headed over to Hamilton's for the All Aggie Reception.

At the reception I made the rounds to see all of my former co-workers: Bobbi, Patty, Craig, Scott, Cecile, and most importantly, Kim. Seeing them was like coming home. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I hugged each one of them and caught up on life. I grabbed some delicious tacos courtesy of Cafe Sabor and parked myself at the registration table to hang out with Kim. Aside from a few kids, I was definitely the youngest person at the event. The turnout ended up being far beyond our expectations. Over 200 people attended the reception, rather than our 70 we had hoped for. When the reception died down I helped pack up and headed back to Josh's to pick him up to go to Chad and Shelly's house.

Chad and Shelly's house is so cute! I hadn't seen it since shortly after they moved in when there were boxes everywhere. The home had a warm, inviting spirit. I love being around "The Andrews". They are so happy and cute. Seeing Chadly finally get his happy ending gives me hope for the future and strengthens my testimony of prayer. It feels like it's been "Chad and Shelly" forever. Even though Chadly is married he's still my Chadly. He is honestly one of the best men I have ever known. He's the older brother I never had. The Andrews had invited some other friends over so we all sat in the living room sipping cider, eating dessert, and chatting with each other. After a few hours it was getting late so I took Josh home so he could see his girl friend. Then I fell asleep on Chad and Shelly's fabulous RC Willey couch.

Saturday morning I got up, threw on a sweatshirt and flip flops and headed to pick up Tessa. We rendezvoused over to Angie's: Where the Locals Eat. As always, it was packed. I ran into Cecile again while she grabbed some breakfast post hosting the dignitaries breakfast. We each enjoyed delicious breakfasts. The best part was the enormous mint hot chocolates. They seriously made me so happy. I practically made myself sick they were so good! Afterward we popped out to Main Street to watch the remainder of the Homecoming Parade. While we watched the many dance groups, local politicians, and USU clubs push across the pavement I was filled with a great sense of happiness. I love being out to experience community events. Logan is a little slice of everyday America. You can't help but love it.

Of course a trip back to Logan wouldn't be complete without a trip to the USU bookstore. I grabbed game day shirts for the fam and for Sar, along with a few other items. Oh how I love my Aggie gear. Next it was time to hit the pre-game party. I grabbed my Texas Roadhouse and pulled up a chair next to Kevin. He and I have worked together for alumni and on the A-Team for the past two years. The food was good but I was greatly disappointed by the lack of rolls. Texas Roadhouse has amazing main entries, but the rolls are the best. Kevin, Liz (the girl they hired after I left), and I manned the $18.88 Club table and then put away dozens of tables and chairs. We stopped work for a few minutes to pose for some photos. Kim is going to frame the one of us jumping in her office! Rain started to drizzle as Kevin and I headed up to the game with Kim's family. By the time we sat down and the game was 5+ minutes in, the downpour the weather man had promised began. Needless to say, we headed out at half-time.

On the rainy, windy ride home I got, as the Fidler say, "verclemped" listening to Kenny Chesney's "Boys of Fall". Out of nowhere I started to cry. They weren't sad tears, but more tears produced by reflecting on the good times in life. My time at USU was good. I found myself and for the first time in my life, I had a really good group of friends--people who I hope to keep in touch with forever. The good times are too many to count or recap here. We are all in different places now but there is a unity between us that will always exist, no matter where we end up in this world. I feel so blessed to have attended Utah State. While it's weird not being in Logan anymore, I am beginning to embrace my life in SLC. I don't long for Logan. Instead, I appreciate the time and experiences I had there. Going to Logan will always be like coming back to an old home. Comfort and peace are what I feel driving the familiar streets. Even though life will never be the same as it was there, it's not painful. Instead, all I feel is joy. Coming back to Logan really is a homecoming.


jjfid said...

LOVED reading all about your weekend in Logan! Made me feel sentimental about life just reading your feelings! Nice recap! Love you Riss! xoxoxo Auntie

Kevin and Jamie said...

It's funny when you think back to that day in 2007 when Kevin and I came for a visit and suggested that you apply! Crazy to think of all that has happened since. I got emotional reading your post. I love Logan soooooo much and I am so grateful that we went there. You gotta love the Aggies!