I'm so scared of...

starting my new job

moving out of Logan

not being in school anymore

getting my heart broken again

being late for work

not being able to handle my depression

not being able to make friends

not dating

not being wanted

moving to an apartment I've never seen before

always being alone

moving forward and not looking back

starting a new chapter of my life

never getting what I really want

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jjfid said...

Even though these are all scary things- It is good to really take a look at your fears and then just turn them over to your Heavenly Father. He knows your heart and He will see you through. Change is hard but I have found it always gets better with time. Hang in there my first born niece in the wilderness! You will be supported and sustained all the days of your life. Have Faith and be believing and all things will work together for your good as you walk uprightly! Love you xoxoxoxo Auntie