3-Time WAC Champs!

The Aggies are WAC Champs once again! So sad to see Jared Quayle go, but we've got some good players in the mix. I can't wait to watch the tournament. Some say we could make it to the Sweet 16. If so, there's gonna be a huge party!!!

It's so weird to think that Saturday was my last basketball game as a student. I hope to come back after I graduate with my fam and watch the games but it won't ever be the same. Before coming to USU I wasn't the biggest basketball fan. Sure I went to some games in high school but I used to much rather watch football, baseball, or hockey. Utah State changed all that. Aggie Basketball is truly AMAZING! Plus, our players aren't too bad to look at either. My favorite player (looks-wise) is Matt Formisano. Chad and Joe loved to tease me about it. He is just so dang hot. Tall, dark, and handsome and an athlete...WOW!

We are known across the nation as being some of the most intense fans around.

This year wouldn't have been complete without "Wild Bill" Sproat. He made front page news on Sports Center, ESPN, and The Washington Post, just to name a few. Each game he would wear a different get-up during the second half to distract the opposing team's free-throw shooters. Needless to say, it was flippin hilarious. I think my favorite outfit was when he dressed up as a mermaid. He sat on the side and flipped his flipper when no one was free-throw shooting. HILARIOUS!!

Aggie Basketball is a huge tradition at Utah State. All summer I told my SOAR students that you can't truly experience Utah State without going to an Aggie game in the Spectrum. USU has made me an Aggie fan for life.

Go Aggies!!

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megan said...

Sometimes I forget his last name is Formisano. To me, he's Formisexy...