Yesterday I accomplished so many things!

- Got up to be on time for work at the Writing Center at 8:30
- Went to class...actually enjoyed class and got excited about what we were learning
- Went to work at the alumni house
- Came home and helped Josh recover his stolen mattress
- Ate dinner
- Went to the library
- Studied at the library
- Talked on facebook to Keely at the library
- Talked to Christopher on the phone at the library
- Gave Chadly a ride home from the library because, as he put, he had a "hell of a day"
- Went to the gym and worked out
- Read a book for pleasure while working out
- Went to the grocery store for some much needed cocoa puffs and other groceries
- Talked to my little sis, booked her a plane ticket to come out to visit in February
- Talked to Sarah on the phone
- Took a much needed shower
- Read my scriptures
- Went to sleep

Needless to say, it was a pretty full, productive day. I felt pretty good about it. I was most proud of going to the library AND the gym in the SAME day!! Hoorah :-) As a certain someone would say, yesterday, I lived up to my name as "the shit".


Anonymous said...

Thank you for changing that hidious picture of your mom and me to something that makes us look at least a few years younger!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Your sister is coming! That's awesome! P.S. I saw you at the library.

Jen said...

I think I need to hear the story about the mattress.