There's something about spring...

So I've decided that there is something about spring and the end of the semester. All I see on campus and when I'm out and about is couple, couple, couple, couple, couple, couple, couple, couple...rings on every finger...get the idea? I don't know if there's something in the change of the season that awakens every faculty so that it seems someone is screaming at you that you don't have a "someone" or if the pollen in the air intoxicates you with love or the pursuit of love.

Spring fever, combined with end of the semester stress, is a deadly combination. I would know, I had my first kiss this time of year last year under circumstances only the effects of spring could have produced. It seems like in the spring, everyone gets hungry for if somewhere in our DNA it is encoded with the instructions: must find mate beginning in the month of April. Crushes girls have harbored all semester suddenly become that much more intense. Boys start to weigh their summer dating options. As cheesy as a metaphor this is, males and females are drawn to each other like bees to pollen.

My problem is there don't seem to be any bees that find me.

Yesterday a friend of mine was explaining that he has three girls that he is interested in who are interested in him as well. How would that be? I'd be happy with just one...maybe even a, one would be more than good enough. Instead I get reality...spring fever with no cure. It's like I've been innoculated with the strain of spring fever that has no antecdote, no reward for the infection.

Spring fever will pass as it always does and I will go back to my not being so keenly aware of the love that surrounds me and the lack of it in my own life. But for now, I will just have to keep wishing that some bee will pick me and enjoy just being me.


live, laugh, love said...

It's sooo true!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed it! haha

Kendall Laws said...

I too have noticed.... mixed feeling on the matter but whatever!!