Easter Weekend

This Easter weekend I got a surprise...my brother flew down for the weekend!! He's been having a rough time after a really bad break-up so my aunt decided to fly him down for the weekend. Saturday I hopped a ride down to SLC with Sarah. Spencer and Auntie were shopping at the Gateway for a new wardrobe for Spencer. We finished getting clothes at Express and then we went to my cousin Lauren's baptism. Afterwards we had a big family dinner back at the Bittner house. It was great seeing my dad's family and being with my brother.

We continued our shopping festivities...going to Macy's, American Eagle, and Target. I got the cutest wallet ever at Target!! I love that store! We headed back to Tooele around 10pm and went to Wal-mart for some easter goodies.

Sunday we went to church in my aunt's ward. There was this really awesome african-american guy who bore his testimony. He wasn't LDS but he said he liked church. He was raised Baptist and grew up in Texas. Then he left his family to go to college and play football at 18. He explained how at that time he got a cross tatooed on his arm. He talked about how for him, it represented a connection to his family, even though he was far away. He went on to explain that how he was raised, he thought you only got one chance with God---one chance to prove you were worthy and that was it. He's had some rough times and talked about how Bishop Elliot had shown him that you don't just get one chance with got. You can always go to Heavenly Father; he always loves you and is there. It was so neat to see someone have a testimony and experience what the gospel is really about. It's not about fitting the cookie-cutter mold or being perfect, it's about giving selfless service and realizing that the Lord loves all of us, all the time.

After church we went and visited Papa's grave. It was weird to not have him around. Before Spencer left for the airport, we took a bunch of pictures. He looked so much happier leaving than he did coming. He was more confident and ready to go back home and take charge of his life. I love him so much. Auntie took him to the airport and I rode out to Joan's house in Grantsville. We had a big family dinner and then Kevin and Jamie picked me up and we drove back to Logan.

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jjfid said...

I love how you colorized the picture of you in the weeds! Looks neat! You are beautiful Rissy! xoxo Auntie