62.5%...my grade on my last HR exam...in the words of Sarah, "DAMAGE"!! It's just one test but it still pisses me off! It's partly my own fault. I didn't study as hard as I should have and the night before my test I hung out with friends, went to the grocery store, and gave love advice to a friend. So that's what I get...a wopping D...worst test grade I have ever gotten in college. Even at BYU I never got a D! All my fun and slacking off this semester finally caught up with me. I will still most likely get a B in the class so it's not that big of a deal.

Today is just a 62.5% day.

Sometimes, some days, some periods in life are just 62.5%. You get that grade for different reasons. Sometimes it's because you can't get enough of what you really don't need. Other times it's because you just didn't try hard enough. And other times it's because you recognize that some grades don't matter at all. Sometimes you deserve the 62.5 you get. Other times someone else is to blame. You can give a 62.5 rating to someone else, because they can't see that they're seeing double with the wrong one or because they don't want to face the real facts of life. Or sometimes, people are just morons and they deserve a D.

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Kevin and Jamie said...

Love this post!!!!!! I have had many 62.5% days, and I have deserved most of them! No worries, you will still do just great in your class!