BYU Game

The USU vs. BYU game, which was a few weekends ago, was completely awesome! We didn't win but we scored two, almost three, times!! For our team, it felt like we won. Romney stadium was a sea of blue and white, since BYU stole our colors and all. At least we don't have game day shirts based on scriptures:-).

At the game, we sat next to the coolest BYU fan! He was there with a friend and their grandsons. During the game we had fun exchanging friedly banter. At half he left with some of the boys to get some snacks. When he came back during the third quarter, he distributed snacks to all of us and the group of students behind us! He gave us soda, popcorn, licorice, peanut m&m's etc. We liked him so much, we even took a picture with him!

The fourth quarter was the most intense of the game. In the last five minutes, almost every play had a flag called on it. It was insane. We should have had three touchdowns, but alas, the plays were reviewed and we were denied. After the game, we all went over to Cassie's house for pizza. Her parents and siblings had come up for the game and were nice enough to feed us. To finish the evening, we watched the movie Penelope.

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