The Women

Friday night, before I attended the fabulous dance party at the Eccles Mansion, my girlfriends and I went to see the movie "The Women". An all-star, all female cast played the role of four NY friends forced to help one friend face the reality that he husband is having an affair...with a "spritzer girl" at SAKS 5th Avenue.

It was an interesting film. There were no men in the cast. Even the cheating husband never appeared on screen. This choice was definitely intentional, but I am still trying to decide if I liked it or not. In society today there is a fine line between feminism and femininity. I believe in the empowerment of women. I also believe in the divinity of the role of women as wife and mothers. As a 21 year old, LDS woman today there are so many conflicting messages.

One line of the film struck me. At the end when Mary (the main character played by Meg Ryan) is talking to her husband about going out to get to know each other again, she owns up to her role in his affair, telling him "how could I share myself with you when I didn't know who I was". I agree with this idea, you do need to know yourself before you can really be a completely active participant in a healthy relationship. I found that particular message of the movie uplifting.

What I didn't like about the movie was the portrayal that the bonds between the female friends seemed more important than their relationships with their husbands/significant others. In the film, Mary was more devastated by her friend's betrayal than her husband's. The relationship between a husband and wife is completely separate and different from friendship. It is ultimately the single most important relationship in a person's life. Your husband or wife is your eternal companion, someone you have pledged to spend eternity with in an effort to be like God.

My verdict is still out on whether I truly liked this film. It was definitely worth seeing, if only for the fact that it produced interesting topics of thought and discussion about female roles and relationships.


Kevin and Jamie said...

I know what you meant about the fine line between feminist, and feminism. I hate it when people confuse empowering women with taking about the beauty of womanhood. There is a fine line to cross there! Great post, and very interesting. Thanks for calling me to come along, I wish I could have!

jjfid said...

Well said Rissy! Your ability to communicate your thoughts and feelings through written words is truly one of your gifts. I can see your abilities expanding with each new piece you compose. You are amazing Clarissa! I can't believe my little curly headed niece is all grown up and a great writer!
I love you! xoxo Auntie

Mimaw said...

Hi Rissy!! I'm doing some blog-stalking, hope you don't mind my reading yours. I haven't seen this movie, but the original 1939 (I think) was very good. How is school going? You'll have to come down to see Trav and Mandi and come see us in the process.