Party at the Eccles Mansion

So Friday night I have to admit, I felt pretty friends and I got invited to a dance party at the Eccles Mansion!!

For those of you not familiar with Logan, the Eccles name is on everything, they own everything, they are legendary in this town. The Eccles Mansion is no longer owned by the Eccles, although it is a registered historical landmark. Instead it has been the residence of the Needham family since the early 70's. The Needham family is also prestigious, owner of the 5th generational Needham Jewelers, the oldest jewelery business in the state of Utah.

Well, the Needham boys just happen to attend Utah State, and a girl I know, who my roommate Sarah also knows, is friends with them...hence, our fabulous invitation to an evening with "Logan High Society" :-) We danced the night away to "Soldier Boy", "When I Grow Up", "Walk it out" etc. I only got to see the first floor but it was still amazing!

Needless to say, it was one of those "college moments" I'll never forget; one of those moments when you just feel special and cool and full of life.

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