a boy and a girl

There was this boy, who by divine providence, showed a girl pieces of her life that she didn’t know she could have, elements she did not know existed; essential fragments she couldn’t seem to grasp on her own. Determined to be herself, the girl was granted a trying gift.

On a day when all that was planned, went wrong, he was right. The rain that fell that day, rinsed the girl of her inhibitions. The liquidity of the air drew two teenagers toward one another. For the first time in her life, the girl saw what life could bring. The rain was a medicinal minister to the girl’s soul.

For years she will credit the boy, until one day, she sees God’s hand behind his. The boy will break the girl’s heart more times than she knew were possible. He will be a jerk and be confused. She will be jealous and envious of his seemingly easy, perfect life. He will be intrigued by her ambition and drive.

She will fall for his vacant brown eyes. He will trace the fingers of her left hand. She will imagine what it would be like to caress his freckled ear. He will hold her in an embrace.

He will be there for her when it seems no one else cares. She will learn later, that he was merely the vessel the Lord provided for comfort, b/c he himself, could not be there.

She will cry. He was right for a time. She blames herself for being blind. How can you expect to see every detail of a tapestry you have never seen, or attempted yourself to weave?

He will hurt her core. She will love him despite his absurdities, pride, and inadequacies. He will love her, just not the way she desires. She will be able to mend her heart. He will reassure her of her beauty, grace, and worth.

See, even though she won’t know it for some time, by loving this boy, the girl will learn how to love herself.

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jjfid said...

Beautiful! Makes me think of the chorus of Tim McGraw's song- "Just to see you smile"
Just to see you smile
I'd do anything
That you wanted me to
And all is said and done
Id never count the cost
Its worth all thats lost
Just to see you smile

The feelings you uncovered from loving this boy are worth all that was lost. Something gained is never lost!
Love you Rissy xoxoxox Auntie