My Princess...

Until recently, I've never spent much time with my brother's dog Kootchi. He inherited her a year or so ago from his SLC friend Lydia. I was excited for him when he got her and loved the pictures, but other than that I was pretty neutral. Now everything has changed. I'm home for the summer, and I'm completely in love with her!

Kootchi sleeps with me every night all cuddled up under the covers. Some nights she even puts her head on my pillow. Kootchi follows me wherever I go. When I take a nap, she takes a nap. When I go to the bathroom, she barges her way in the door. When I'm on the computer, she lays right by my chair. I've taken her to the park a few times with the kids I'm nannying. They absolutely love her. I frequently hold her like a tiny baby.

My family and I have come up with many names for her: Kootchster, Koocha La Smoochala, Kootcharoony, and my personal creations---Princess and my little pot-belly pig! I'm trying really hard to get her to answer to Princess. We're still working on that, although every time I call her Koocha La Smoochala she kisses me on cue. I don't know how I'm going to leave her when I move to Chicago. I keep threatening I'm going to take her with me, but I can't. Guess we'll just have to Skype!

Isn't she adorable?! Now I understand why my parents haven't given her back to my brother. She's at their house to stay.

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jjfid said...

Oh how I agree! There is something very special about your "Princess". She has so much love and acceptance about her. I too fell madly in love when Spencer and Koochie stayed with me! She is a jewel!