I miss these boys so much...

Oh how I miss my little cousins Alex and Isaac!

Nobody screams "Rissy" when I enter the door. I don't get to see little Alex stick his lip out when he's pouting and listen to Isaac teach me all about tornadoes. No more reading stories involving Diego or Dr. Seuss. No more blowing bubbles, dyeing Easter eggs, and school performances. It's going to be hard not living in close proximity over the next few years...maybe never again. I've watched them grow up. And, I'm going to miss baby girl Lloyd being born! Ah just the thought kills me.

On top of missing my boys I miss Sunday dinners with the Lloyds and Ashworths. I miss hanging out with them period. Mandi, Travis, Alex, Isaac, Jazzy (the dog), Mimaw, Grumpy, and Harmony are some of my favorite people. They have each been an incredible support to me over the past five years. Leaving them was one of the hardest parts of deciding to move home for the summer before heading off to graduate school this fall.

Moving is part of life, but I'm glad that even though I may not be physically present, these people will always be with me wherever I go.


Mandi said...

We miss you so much too. Your presance is so missed.

Mimaw said...

Ditto little Miss Riss!! Hey, I'm assuming the Dr Suess Book was from you. Thanks so much, I've never read that one! Hope things are going well, keep us informed