Growing Up...

It seems crazy that it's hard to become who you really are...but it is. That much I know is true.

Going to graduate school is an amazing opportunity. A chance for me to face some of my biggest fears and embrace who I want to become. Lately, the reality of it all is setting in. I'm excited and scared.

Life's about change, and this is a big one. I miss my friends, but it always seems that I don't stay in one place. For some reason, growing up means moving away. I don't know why.

As a little kid I couldn't wait to grow up. Now at almost 24, I'm learning to embrace the present and find a little bit of the kid I never really knew.


Mimaw said...

You will be AWESOME in your new adventure

Tobe | Because It's Awesome said...

love that quote - and excited for your new adventure! so glad you said hello ~ i'll be keeping up along they way! ox