The men I will never have...

My friend Megan inspired me to do a Celebrity Crush post, so here ya go ladies! These are the men I will never have...but dang they're nice to dream about. The funny thing about it is I am definitely initially attracted to them, but the characters they play make them even more attractive. I fall for the characters they play.

Matthew Fox...He does it for me in so many ways, but as Jack on "Lost" he completely seals the deal.

Matt Damon...Jason Bourne---need I say more?

Ryan Reynolds...I mean, after all, he is People's sexiest man alive.

Tom Cruise...I don't really like him as a person but he is dang hot in "Top Gun".

Paul Newman...a man who is as equally good looking as his acting.

Marlon Brando...the classic bad boy with a soft side.


megan said...

Oh shoot! I forgot about Matthew... And Matthew McConaughey... dang. haha

Mimaw said...

Ahhhh, Paul Newman, I've always thought he was one of the most beautiful men on the planet!! So. . . . . every adjective I can think of.

Jenny said... got me thinking pleasant dreamy thoughts! My list would be Patrick Dempsey (ever since his Can't Buy My Love days); Rob Lowe; Robert Sean Leonard; Viggo Mortensen (I should list him 2 or 3 times - he totally does it for me); that father/catcher from the end of Fields of Dreams (whatever his name is); and Cliff Robertson (the Big Kahuna himself.)

jjfid said...

Oh My Heck Rissy! Where is my man Matthew McConaughey??? No list is complete with out him! Please add a darling snapshot for me! :-) :-) You know how he gets me all twitterpaited :-) xoxoxo