Ever After...

Life is no Mickey Mouse playhouse
When will you grow up and see what you need to see?
It’s not that I don’t wish you the best
I just wish your best could be with me
Because I can’t keep up the delusional lies
You’re not really gonna love me

Wish it could be different but life keeps going
It’s no Cinderella’s castle out there
See, I’m a princess but you’re just a frog

I’m everything you could ever need but you’re not always what’s best for me
How I wish your potential was our reality
Even though I keep wishing on a star my dreams don’t come true
On our blustery days you just walk away while I make up excuses to stay

I admit I messed things up too
It wasn’t all your fault that I pricked my finger on a spinning wheel
Jumped when you couldn’t save me from the dragon

Neither of us can find the slipper I've lost
Maybe our love wasn’t like the fairy tales
But you’ll be with me until I find my happily ever after
See I have to try because you're not ready to be a prince

For now--for us--there's no ever after
I have to let it all go, float away to another kingdom
I used to want you to be the end of my story
Now I see the only one who can save me is me
Someday I hope you find the prince you can be

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lila said...

fabulous post!!!!!